Spill Scenario Cards

Spill Management – Spill Scenario Cards


Desktop card system for testing spill response or supplementing spill training

Set of 5: $170 + GST

Set of 10: $240 + GST

  • An A5 folder of Spill Scenario cards with instructions and answer sheets.


  • Each card describes a likely spill along with a couple of complications, which the responder will need to describe what changes to spill procedure are required to account for the new hazards.
  • This card system is designed to test employee knowledge, revise spill response, or supplement in-house training as needed with minimal disruption to work.
  • Cards can be customised prior to printing to include chemicals and situations that are relevant to your work site
  • The set comes with several answer sheets for easy record keeping and a master answer sheet on the back of the instructions so you can make photocopies when the provided sheets run out.
  • Available as Laboratory or Industry editions
  • Enquire about these cards

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