HSW (HS) Part 18 Laboratories

  • The use of hazardous substances on a small scale for research and development or teaching  is exempt from  getting approvals for all chemicals, intermediates, and end products within the lab (HSNO) and from most of the other requirements within the HSW Hazardous Substances Regulations (Part 18).
  • How the lab must operate in order to be considered such a lab is determined by the requirements within Part 18 of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.
  • TCC (NZ) is able to assist clients with assessing if they qualify as a Part 18 Laboratory and to provide assistance when there are shortfalls.
  • We can provide a simple self-audit package to small organisations to check for any gaps in their compliance.  The form is then sent back to us so we can assess what needs to be addressed and offer advice for order of action.
  • For larger organisations – such as schools, CRI’s, and Agcarm-affiliated research labs – we are able to assess your organisation against the HSW (HS) Regulations or the guidelines from relevant approved WorkSafe NZ documentation (once known as the codes of practice). After the site assessment, we compile a report and inform the organisation of any non-conformances.
  • If the lab conforms to the Regulations, or the organisation supplies evidence of addressing the non-conformances, we issue a HSW (HS) Part 18 Laboratory certificate of compliance. This certificate is not an official certificate, but does offer proof that a third party has assessed you and verified your compliance.

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