Hitchhikers Guide to ERP


The Hitchhikers Guide to ERP $265.00 + GST (p&p incl)

Every company needs an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), especially those with large quantities of hazardous substances. Often consultants, assessors, and certifiers tell a company to have one, but leave it to them to get one created. Not surprisingly, most companies are lost as to where to start or even how to maintain their plan and so it falls into the “too hard” basket. When an Emergency does happen, these companies end up wasting time and money fixing a problem that could have been prevented or mitigated with proper planning.

To remedy this, we created a simple 5-part system to guide you through the processes of getting a suitable Emergency Response Plan implemented and ensuring your staff stay current with what to do should an Emergency arise. An ERP needs to be tested every year (or within 3 months of an employee taking any role within the Plan); this system provides scenarios to run your plan through and audit it for any improvements or modifications you need to keep your workplace safe.


The Hitchhikers Guide to ERP:

  • A Dual binder system covering the essential ‘need to know’ facts about Emergency Response Plan creation, testing, and auditing.
    • One A4 binder containing ERP creation guides, sample testing scenarios, and audit process.
    • One A5 binder containing controller procedures, providing a handheld reference during an emergency.
  • This system is useful for every business, even those already with an ERP in place .
  • A Unique product that guides you through the processes around Emergency Response Plans to keep your site prepared for most emergencies.
  • A suitable knowledge base for achieving the outcomes in NZQA Unit Standard 16810 – Develop a Workplace Emergency Management Plan.
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